InstantTransfer is one of the most secure payment systems due to the banks’ established TAN methodology.

Secure TAN transmission

The TAN is provided to you directly by your bank as usual via the agreed methodology, i.e. either in a pre-printed list (iTAN), by a using a TAN generator (ChipTAN) or as an SMS to a mobile device (mTAN). Therefore, the TAN cannot get into wrong hands before its use.

Security due to one-off use

Each TAN can only be used once and is rendered invalid after it is keyed in. This ensures that unauthorised third parties cannot abuse the system – not even friends and family who may know your bank credentials.
The use of the banks’ established TAN methodology and the secure handling of your data by PPRO Financial Ltd, which is also governed by the financial services authority, makes InstantTransfer one of the most secure online payment methods.
PPRO has handled millions of financial transactions worldwide and strictly adheres to the highest data security standard PCI DSS level 1 with annual successful re-certifications.


Online banking access and transaction data

None of your online banking data is passed on to the merchant. It is solely used in encrypted form for the automated execution of the bank transfer by the certified and tested transaction systems of PPRO – a regulated, audited and supervised British financial institution. Neither your login data nor the TAN, which is anyway rendered invalid after use, is being stored at any time and therefore can never be stolen or abused.