InstantTransfer is a low cost, easy to implement and very secure SEPA compatible payment scheme.


InstantTransfer is more cost effective than many other payment schemes

Transaction fees and other costs are minimised compared to credit card or direct debit payments. As with all credit transfers, chargebacks are generally not possible. In addition, fraud and other payment defaults can be minimised by individually configurable risk rules.

InstantTransfer is SEPA compatible  

InstantTransfer accepts your customers’ IBAN and BIC as well as their traditional national account details which can then be automatically converted to SEPA migration is made easy.
Allow your customers to pay with InstantTransfer, a leading European real time bank transfer system.



If your PSP or shop-system provider does not yet support InstantTransfer, ask them to contact us and we will be happy to assist them with a fast and free technical integration.


Your InstantTransfer revenues are paid in a consolidated way by either your payment service provider (PSP) or PPRO, i.e. you don’t incur any bank booking fees for each single customer payment. In addition, our transaction fees are generally much lower than those of other comparable solutions.


Display the InstantTransfer logo directly on your homepage and show your customers that they can pay with easy, fast and secure real time bank transfers. Logos and marketing materials are available from our merchant portal.