InstantTransfer is a secure, fast and free of charge payment system

InstantTransfer is secure

Each transaction with InstantTransfer will be processed by your bank and must be authorised by you with your online banking credentials. For additional security, each transaction requires a one-time TAN, which is provided to you directly by your bank as usual. No login data will be stored by PPRO. PPRO is governed by the highest data security standard PCI DSS Level 1.

InstantTransfer is fast

With InstantTransfer you do not have to wait for the merchant to receive the payment before purchased goods or services are delivered. Both you and the merchant will receive an instant transaction confirmation similar to a credit card payment, but with the security and familiarity of your personal online banking.


Keine Registrierung. Keine Kosten. Das ist InstantTransfer.


InstantTransfer is free of charge for the customer

Unlike many other payment methods, InstantTransfer does not charge you any transaction fees.